Our Vision

Empower youth to create a bigger, better impact together.

We are a social impact organisation that empowers and upskills young people to drive change by providing them with access to the right network, the right opportunities, and the right technologies.

  • right network,
  • right opportunities, and
  • right technologies.

Our Mission

At MASH, having built a community of over 500K+ supporters, our mission is to lead today's youth to make a difference. We are dedicated to serving as a medium for bridging gaps between innovators and stakeholders.

  • innovators,
  • changemakers, and
  • stakeholders.

Our Goals

We are a social impact organization that provides solutions for changemakers under one roof. Our goal is to offer different ways for you to create the change you want!

  • Bringing changemakers & the stakeholders together.
  • Working to upskill the young changemakers.
  • Helping the changemakers to amplify their story.


Whether you want to create a change, or your organization wants to invest in the youth - we’re listening to you!

Talk to us at

Email : hello@mashglobal.org
Contact Number: +91-9667276129