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MASH Project Foundation, an award-winning social enterprise, is dedicated to fostering a community of social changemakers and mission-driven organizations. Our purpose is to create and nurture an environment for young changemakers, with the goal of putting young people at the forefront of development efforts. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations (CSOs), philanthropies, lawmakers, and corporations are among our collaborators.


Desired and determined to make a difference!


Helping socio-preneurs and youth change-makers achieve a variety of socially beneficial Sustainable Development Goals.

Content Programs

Undertaking events and programmes to educate and empower young people to be change agents.

Capacity Building

Upskilling & mentoring opportunities by world-class trainers to enable young people to address social challenges.

Community Building

ringing all stakeholders and changemakers together to create a powerful ecosystem that enables positive change.

Founder’s Message

Aashish Beergi,

Founder & CEO

MASH Project Foundation (MASH) started as an idea to bridge the gap between young people and the different stakeholders that are shaping the social impact ecosystem. Over the years, we've had a great privilege of working with some of the leading organisations and remarkable individuals and foster partnerships that creates a greater impact and advance the work towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while putting young people at centre of it.

As we are in the Decade of Action, we need stronger partnerships at all levels to help achieve the SDGs. I invite you to come and join hands with us to build a bigger, better and a stronger ecosystem which advance the progress towards SDGs and create a better world for all generations.




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MASH Project Foundation partners with leading organisations, activists, businesses, and philanthropies.