Social Impact Agency

Enabling Ecosystems Through The Power Of Community, Communications, & Capacity Building

MASH Project Foundation is a social impact agency dedicated to enabling ecosystems and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Harnessing the power of community engagement, strategic communications, and capacity building, we are committed to providing tailored solutions, addressing complex challenges, and fostering an environment conducive to comprehensive growth and societal advancement.


Compelling narratives, communication strategies, campaigns, and events to catalyse change


Community by convening diverse stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and amplifying collective voices


Capacity building and thought leadership by equipping partners with the knowledge, skills, and resources

Our Services

Tailored Solutions For Your Needs

Strategic Communications

We create compelling narratives and impactful strategies to help you reach your communication goals

Social Media & Advocacy

Increase your social media impact and reach by targeted and craftfully curated content


Need to raise funds for bigger and better impact? We can help you reach your targets by your desired timelines

Capacity Building

Need help enhancing your skills and build your capacity to your full potential? We can help provide you the right connections and resources you need!

Thought Leadership

With over 10 years of experience in the social impact ecosystem, we have established ourselves as thought leaders and can help you become the same!.

Events, Workshops, & Conferences

We have worked with many partners to help curate their successful dream events, workshops, and conferences from end to end

Stakeholder Engagement

We have a broad spectrum of stakeholders who will help you reach the right audiences

Our Partners

Connecting Communities, Building Capacity, Crafting Change

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