Special Initiatives

Daan Utsav

“For it is in giving that we receive.” Apart from the earth’s orbital motion, it is the changes that drive life. Wouldn’t you wish to experience an instant change? Wait no further than this week of October where everything is done for manifested betterment with no room for abstractions. The week (2ndOctober – 8th October) of Daan Utsav - Joy of Giving Week brings every year with itself the cause for dedicated better doing with no other religious sentiment or inanimate celebrations but a festival for all in true sense. This year #MASHProject takes onto itself the responsibility of celebrating Daan Utsav in Hyderabad, India, Chennai, India, Delhi, India , Kolkata, India, Mumbai, India and Bangalore, India through its hubs with diversified type of activities for true joy is in being than having.​

Ann Daan

During Daan Utsav (October 2-8, 2016) A pan-India initiative that will encourage people to feed a needy one and take a selfie while doing it. We are aiming to have over 10,000 such acts of feeding the under privileged. The event will be heavily marketed over online media channels.

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Gyaan Daan

A half-day event will be organised on October 2, 2016 in Central-Delhi. This event will bring some of the brightest minds to share their knowledge and expertise with young changemakers. Along with the panel discussion, we will have 4 break-out workshop sessions on key areas which many young changemakers face - Social Media (Communications), Fund raising, Marketing & Scaliblity and Impact Assessment.

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MASH Mixer

A MASH Mixer is a community meetup event organised by MASH Project that will bring community of like-minded individuals to share successful stories of Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week) and have networking session with youth attendees who'd like to get inspired by these journies and support many such initiatives.

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Panel Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship at The August Fest

A group of accomplished social entrepreneurs and civil society experts would be a part of the social impact panel discussion at The August Fest, India's largest Startup conference. They would sharing insights on the nitty gritties of raising funds, sustaining a social enterprise and how social entrepreneurs are changing the development sector's landscape in India.