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We aim to transform adolescents of today into changemakers of tomorrow by inculcating skills of empathy, leadership, team work and changemaking through specifically designed activities and workshop


Founded by Bill Drayton in 1980, Ashoka Foundation is the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs and ranks among the top 5 NGOs of the world. Ashoka India functions as a collaborative network that supports and amplifies change by bringing together the changemakers. We aim to build a world where everyone is a changemaker. In Collaboration with MASH Project, we aim to transform the adolescents of into changemakers of tomorrow through the means of Changemaker Clubs. MASH Project Foundation, a non profit organisation, is creating an ecosystem for young social entrepreneurs. It organise cause based community events, experiential workshops on diverse sets of social skills, mentoring to young social changemakers and extend media support to inspiring grass-root stories.


Changemaker Club will conduct an array of specifically designed activities and workshops to enhance the skills of its members. The skills are :


Empathy is crucial in a world where rules cant keep pace with the speed and complexity of change. Empathy based ethics are fast becoming the cornerstone of our everyday dealings


Leadership requires that every player on the team must be an initiator. Each person should see the bigger picture and advance solutions that contribute to positive social outcomes

Team Work

Team work rlies on everyone having the capacity to work in fluids, open teams of teams to see and seize every opportunity offered.


It is the capacity to freely and effectively innovate for the good of all..

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frequently asked questions

1. Who can apply?

All schools are eligible to apply for the program, however they’ll have to be approved by ashoka for the workshop to be conducted.

2. You are interested in the program but don’t know how to proceed ?

If you want any help regarding how to proceed, contact us and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

3. When do I conduct the program?

You can conduct this program on any given school working day. The idea is to devote one full day to changemaking and help the students learn this new game. .

4. Whom do I invite in this event?

You can invite the parents, faculty, and anyone as long as the essence of the program is not hampered. However, you can’t charge them any money for attending this program.

5. How will Ashoka help me in carrying out Changemaker Day?

While preparing for the Changemaker Day, if you want any assistance from Ashoka, please contact us at

Still,confused ?Ask us anything.