[Press Release] MASH Project is selected to be a part of Changelooms Fellowship 2016-17 and receives a financial grant of 165K

MASH Project has been selected to be a part of theChangelooms Learning and Leadership Journey (CL-LLJ) which is a year long fellowship in collaboration with Pravah,Commutiny – The Youth Collective, ORACLE and Gravitie Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. The programme nurtures social enterprises and help them to scale and achieve their goals with a much larger clarity […]


MASH Mixer#22 – Gender & Sexuality

The moments awaited for a long time have a tendency to leave you elevated for days to come with a continuous knocking on your prefrontal cortex urging you to take a step in a direction never explored before. Such was the effect of MASH Mixer #22 on the theme of Gender and Sexuality that made […]


GyaanDaan- Daan Utsav

The GyaanDaan episode, was a part of the larger initiative “DaanUtsav” which comprised of AnnDaan, GyaanDaan and Mixer. It proved to be a successful campaign in terms of its reach. Organized on the last day of the Joy of giving week, that is, on 8th October in AWFIS. Specifically targeting the Enactus members from various […]


Mash Mixer#25 – Daan Utsav

On 8th October, MASH Project marked the end of Daan Utsav by bringing together and celebrating a community of enthusiastic people who are driven by the passion to find joy in giving – be it solving rural problems, funding social projects through CSR or reforming the lives of prisoners! The evening began with the ice-breaking […]